Holles Street Protest-We own our Hospitals.

Images from the protest at Merrion Square on April 22nd.

Saturday the 22nd of April over 150 gathered on Merrion Square  to express their outrage and disgust at the announcement made during the week by Minister for Health Simon Harris.  The protest was called by the campaigning group Parent For Choice.  Harris announced  that the Sister’s of Mercy would be running the National Maternity Hospital when it is to be re- located to a site beside St Vincents Hospital.  This Protest was one of several called in various cities across the country.

The Sisters of Mercy ran laundries for women who became pregnant outside of marriage in Ireland right up until the early 1990s.  It was revealed that within these laundries women suffered terrible abuse and horror and the children of these women were either sold into adoption or perished due to neglect and were buried in Septic tanks.

The protest was calling for the Minister to reverse his decision and that no hospital should be run by any religious organisation.

The video below is of two speeches made at the protest the first is by Graham Linehen parent writer and director and the second by Brid Smith TD .





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