Strike for Repeal

Images from Strike for Repeals direct action on 8th March 2017


On International  Women’s Day 2017  8th of March, Dublin city was brought to a stand still for several hours. Thousands of were women calling for a referendum on the 8th amendment of the Irish Constitution.

The 8th amendment was put into the Irish Constitution in 1982 and equates the life of a fetus to that of a woman. The 8th amendment has been at the center of Irish court battles and has been brought to European Court of Human Rights as it has affected not only women’s health but in some women have lost their lives.

The movement for Free Safe and Legal abortions has steadily grown in Ireland and the issue is now subject to intense national debate. Including the formation of a citizens assembly to make recommendations regarding the 8th amendment and abortion in Ireland.

I spoke to Meireka Radford, student and pro choice activist on International Women’s day whie she was participating in Strike for Repeals action:



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