Glen Hansard speaks about why he got involved with the Apollo House occupation

At the end of last 2016 year a group of artists, housing activists and Unions joined together and made a radical short term intervention to highlight the seriousness of the housing crisis in Ireland.

The group called themselves Home Sweet Home and occupied a NAMA owned property  which was an empty office block in Dublin City centre called Apollo House, they along with hundreds of volunteers opened it up to those sleeping rough on the streets of Dublin.  The project in total helped over 100 people who they accommodated and supported to move onto more long term beds  and 100’s more were given food,clothing and advocacy from the Apollo outreach team that supported those still sleeping on the streets when Apollo was full.

It made national and international headlines and for 28 days Apollo House was a space for those sleeping rough to have a place to call home.

Musican, actor and social justice campaigner Glen Hansard speaks about why he decided to become part of Home Sweet Home and experiences  from his youth gave him a better understanding of the issues that lead people to becoming homeless.



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